Rustic Reverie, a creative shoot inspired by love, music and nature. Enchanting country glam and elegant rustic vibes merge together to create this styled setting that was captured so beautifully by Paula Scalco.

Our team at Destylio brought this Rustic concept to life, creating a unique touch for outdoor summer weddings. We opted to style the gorgeous venue at The Farm Dubai with rustic and nature-inspired elements that would showcase the beauty of styling using the simplest forms of nature. Half and full wine barrels from Party Social defined the theme of the set up which was all complemented with stunning flowers from Blossom Tree Dubai and a buttercream textured cake by Nice Ribbon Atelier. An intricate alencon lace beige wedding dress from Vanila Wedding Boutique resulted in the most romantic look, complemented with an elegant golden vintage crown and veil. Monica from MHG beauty did a wonderful job with neutral earth tones, for the makeup, and elegantly layered beach curls to complete the bridal look.

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Behind the scenes
Meet the wonderful ladies behind the shoot!

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You can view the full shoot here

Styling and Creative Direction: Destylio

Photography: Paula Scalco Photography

Event Rentals: Party Social

Cake: Nice Ribbon Atelier

Flowers: Blossom Tree Flower Shop

Wedding Dress & Brdal Accessories: Vanila Wedding Boutique

Hair & Makeup:  MHG Beauty

Venue: The Farm Dubai





Hello and welcome to Destylio!

It all began with a hobby of collecting memories and photographing moments. Moments that should be remembered, moments that would leave a lasting impression, moments that could simply be frozen in time. For as long as I could remember, I sought to collect what I considered beautiful and aimed to create beauty from every day scenes that seemed rather normal in our every day lives. I was captivated and intrigued by moments, occasions, seasons and nature. That’s when I decided to save everything in a pink little box. Petals, pearls, pieces of glitter and sparkles highlighted my collection.


flat lay 7Little did I know that this little box would change my life years later when I opened it back up to show my collections to my fiance. Stumbling across all these beautiful collections of pretties instilled a desire of sharing the beauty of design, art, creativity and styling with the world.

Destylio began with a vision and an aim to spread beauty and inspiration to everyone in need of getting inspired by the simplest pleasures of life. I am thrilled to be able to turn my hobby into a business that helps brands and businesses establish a unique image and brand identity for themselves through beautifully styled photos.

With love,
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